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Esperanza Peace and Justice Center is based in San Antonio Texas. Several of its leaders are close to the Communist Party USA.

Vision statement

La Voz de Esperanza speaks for many individual, progressive voices who are gente-based, multi-visioned and milagro-bound. We are diverse survivors of materialism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, classism, violence, earth-damage, speciesism and cultural and political oppression.

We are recapturing the powers of alliance, activism and healthy conflict in order to achieve interdependent economic/ spiritual healing and fuerza. La Voz is a resource for peace, justice, and human rights, providing a forum for criticism, information, education, humor and other creative works. La Voz provokes bold actions in response to local and global problems, with the knowledge that the many risks we take for the earth, our body, and the dignity of all people will result in profound change for the seven generations to come.[1]


As of December 2014;

Esperanza Staff

Imelda Arismendez, Itza Carbajal, Marisol Cortez, J.J. Nino, Melissa Rodriguez, Susana Mendez Segura, Monica V. Velasquez Conjunto de Nepantleras

Esperanza Board of Directors

La Voz de Esperanza

La Voz de Esperanza is the magazine of the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center.

As of December 2014;

La Voz Mail Collective Teresa Cervantes, Dave Collins, Juan Diaz, Angela M. García, Jessica Gonzales, Mildred Hilbrich, Jim Kitchen, Kyler Liu, Josie Martin, Ray McDonald, Angela Melendez, Angie Merla, Lucy Perez & Ray Perez, Marissa Rodriguez, Mary Agnes Rodriguez, Anthony Saldivar, Josie Solis, Dave Stokes, & Ines Valdez[3]

Capital City


PODER - The Social Justice Caucus of The San Antonio Alliance was live. December 19, 2020·

San Antonio Democratic Socialists of America, Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, and PODER present Capital City: A Conversation with Sam Stein, Sofia Lopez, and Teri Castillo. Moderated by Alex Birnel.

Sepulveda connection

Sofia Sepulveda January 12 near San Antonio, TX ·


Amazing people, amazing night, great stories, much work to do, great panel, thank you Esperanza Peace and Justice Center! — with Graciela I. Sanchez, Ninosaurio Estevez, HG Barb and Gilbert Martinez.