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California Trust Act

David Rudovsky Senior Fellow, University of Pennsylvania School of Law

Legal Scholars Endorse California Trust Act

National Day Laborer Organizing Network posted a letter[1] of "legal scholars" who endorsed California's Trust Act.

The letter read in part:

"In practice, we have seen that immigration screening programs in jail tend to increase the likelihood of racial profiling by police, a finding that is supported by the disproportionate impact the “Secure Communities” program has had on Latinos. Given these serious concerns about local enforcement of immigration detainers and the fact that such enforcement is not mandatory, California can and should adopt the sensible protections against blanket enforcement of immigration detainers that are set forth in the TRUST Act. In doing so, it will be a model for the nation as progressive policy makers and communities consider how to respond to anti-immigrant state laws (such as Arizona’s SB 1070 and its progeny) and federal programs that have similar negative consequences for civil rights, trust in law enforcement, and public safety. We urge you to sign this important legislation."[2]

David Rudovsky was one of the signatories.