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Template:TOCnestleft Morton H. Halperin... was a member of the National Security Council who turned far-left activist against US intelligence agencies and operations. He joined various anti-intelligence groups that ranged disillusioned liberals to hardcore Marxist and eventually became a leader of the Center for National Security Studies (CNSS), a key component of the large "Anti-Defense Lobby"

JStreet meets Obama

JStreet April 17 2016.


JStreet and JStreet U leaders were honored to meet Friday with President Barack Obama at the White House. They had the opportunity to ask the President several questions about important issues of concern.

In attendance at the meeting were Morton Halperin, Chairman of the Board of JStreet; Dan Kalik, Chief of Staff; Sarah Turbow, Director of JStreet U; and the national board of JStreet U: Amna Farooqi, Ellie Boswell, Tali deGroot, Zoe Goldblum, Elie Leaderman-Bray, Hannah Nayowith and Lizzie Stein.

Also joining the meeting were three former national presidents of JStreet U who are now members of JStreet staff: Logan Bayroff, Benjy Cannon and Jacob Plitman.

"Halperin to talk on Ohio campus"

From the CPUSA newspaper, Daily World (DC), February 24, 1977, p. 11, as "special to the Daily World

"Cleveland, Feb. 23 - "Will Spies Rule Our Country?" is the topic of a speech by former Henry Kissinger aide Morton Halperin on the Cleveland State University campus in University Center, room 1, at 8 p.m. The event is sponsored by the [[Cleveland Coalition to Stop S. 1" and the Campaign to Stop Government Spying (CSGS)." (KW: Both groups were heavily influenced, if not created by the CPUSA).

"Halperin, who once served on the National Security Council (NSC), is the director of the ACLU Project, ACLU Project on National Security and civil Liberties."

"At noon the same day Halperin will speak at the City Club under the sponsorship of the ACLU."


In 1986 Halperin was director of the Washington DC ACLU office.[1]

JStreet advisory council

In 2009 listed members of the JStreet advisory council included Morton Halperin, Former Director of Policy Planning, Department of State [2]



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