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Amadee Braxton

Amadee Laila Braxton Executive and Life Coach at SEA Transformational Coaching Greater Philadelphia Area.


Before coming to Dragonfly Partners, Amadee Braxton worked for eight years as Director of Development with Iraq Veterans Against the War. She served on the National Leadership Council of the Black Radical Congress as well as the boards of directors of the Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project and BlackStar Film Festival. She is President of Leeway Foundation, which funds women and trans artists who work at the intersection of art and social change.

Amadee received a Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and a graduate certificate from Temple University in Diversity Leadership Training. She is a fundraising trainer certified by the Grassroots Institute of Fundraising Training.


The Daily Pennsylvanian Monday, March 1, 1991

In 1991 Amadee Braxton was a member of the Progressive Student Alliance at the University of Pennsylvania. She attended a Penn for Peace meeting with Marissa Boyer and Mayu Okawa.

Film work

Braxton’s first experience in filmmaking was as lead researcher of the Emmy-nominated research team for Louis Massiah’s PBS documentary, W.E.B. Du Bois: A Biography in Four Voices (1996). She was an archival researcher on Cheryl Dunye’s groundbreaking feature film, Watermelon Woman (1997); and later directed, co-wrote, and edited the educational health video, Teens On Sex (1998). She is now in the production phase of her own project, Ladies Spin (w.t.), a documentary on women dee-jays. She also is a Segment Producer as well as an Associate Producer for the Haiti Film Project, an independent documentary production on the history of U.S.-Haiti relations due to air on PBS in 2005.

Philadelphia Direct Action Group

In 2000 Amadee Braxton was an organizer with the Philadelphia Direct Action Group.

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Amadee Braxton is a civilian who brings over 18 years of experience in organizational development, non-profit management, and social change organizing to Iraq Veterans Against the War and has been working with us since October 2004. Amadee's main responsibility is fundraising, including grant writing, major donor solicitation, and direct mailings. She had been active in the massive protests against the first Gulf War in the early 90s as a college student.


In 2000, Amadee Braxton was a member of the Nationalities Commission of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization and an activist with the Black Radical Congress[1].

Rabb connection


Chris Rabb is a friend of Amadee Braxton.