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David Kairys was one of the New Left lawyers to arise in the 1970's and who affiliated with the legal fronts of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). Often overlooked, Kairys is a smart attorney but also a dedicated communist sympathizer, along with his partner David Rudovsky.

A major article on Kairys, some of his cases and his various communist/marxist front affiliations were listed in the Washington Inquirer, August 12, 1988, "Disastrous Security Leak Possible in Rochon vs FBI Case" by investigative reporter Max Friedman, pp. 3 & 7. A selection of paragraphs about the case and its implications for American internal security are reproduced below along with Kairys far-left affiliations, also found in this article.

Only the alertness of FBI agent Thomas Kuker saved the Justice Department Department of Justice (DOJ) from making a grave mistake, tht of releasing information on 9.4000 agents to the lawyer and FBI agent/plaintiff in a job discrimination case recently. The Justice Department was ready to release this treasure trove of highly classified information in the Bernando M. Perez case when Special Agent Kuker filed a class action suit to stop the release of the information (See Human Events, April 23, 1988, "Bureaurcratic Blunder Jeopardizes FBI")."

"Now the Washington Inquirer has learned of another case with even more serious implications in the making, namely, a harassment/discrimination case filed by FBI Agent Donald Rochon, a case which has received a lot of media attention because of some recently admitted racial harassment involved. If Rochon used the same tactic of requesting the list of FBI agents to search for instances of job discrimination, it would be reviewed by his attorney, noted far-left activist David Kairys. Putting such a list into Kairy's hand could be the first step in putting it into the hands of the KGB. Kairys is a member of both cited Communist Party USA fronts, the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (NECLC) and the National Lawyers Guild (NLG)." * * *

Kairys Far-Left Affiliations Listed in the Article

  • - "listed as a "Philadelphia counsel" (along with his partner David Rudovsky), for the NECLC on a letterhead, August 1961
  • - "listed as a delegate to the 37th annual National Lawyers Guild convention, 1979" (in Information Digest
  • - "attorney for the Camden 28, a group of anti-draft activists who attempted to defile the office of the Draft Board in Camden, New Jersey, in 1971
  • - had a symposium speech of his reprinted in Rights magazine (now the Bill of Rights Journal of the NECLC in the December 1982 issue, entitled "Halting the Private Spies"
  • - Kairys was the attorney for Steve Wattenmaker (U.S. Army Reserve), who was fighting a security-related discharge from the Army in 1974. (Wattenmaker) was a National Committee Member of the Young Socialist Alliance (YSA), the youth arm of the SWP. He was also an SWP candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1972 (Source: The Militant (SWP paper), November 15, 1974, p. 7

"Should Kairys get his hands on the invaluable FBI agents list, despite any security agreement he might sign, or even with limited access in an guarded environment, it would present a grave threat to national security."

"Should Kairys request to see these papers, the Justice Department must be willing to deny any type of clearance on the grounds that he is an active member of several Communist Party legal fronts and that since the Supreme Court and Congress has found the CPUSA to be an arm of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), receiving both funds and instructions from Moscow's KGB, he could be a potnetial agent for the Soviets in procuring this information for them."

"The issue of court security concerning internal security matters is a grossly neglected area and should be remedied immediately by Executive Order, since several of thos congressmen whose House Judiciary Subcommittees would normally handle such legislation are, in themselves, seriously security risks because of decades of affiliations with and activities on behalf of cited Communist Party (fronts)." {Due to an editing/space error, parts of the previous sentence and the one that followed it, were dropped in the printing of this article}.


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