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The Young Socialist Alliance was the youth arm of the Socialist Workers Party in the 1960s.


The Young Socialist Alliance held a founding convention in Philadelphia in April 1960, at which it dedicated itself to bringing "Marxian socalism to American youth."

The organization's Founding Declaration also stated the convention was "the result of a political process which began in 1956" and of a growth in supporters to the point where "a national organization of a revolutionary youth movement" could be formed. The Young Socialist Alliance declared it would operate as an "independent organization" but would have "political solidarity" with the Socialist Workers Party. The youth group referred to the SWP as follows:

The Young Socialist Alliance and the Socialist Workers Party are the only revolutionary socialist groups in the United States today. The YSA recognizes that only the SWP of all existing political parties is capable of providing the working class with political leadership on class struggle principles. As a result of its three-year development the supporters of the Young Socialist have come into basic political solidarity, on the principles of revolutionary socialism, with the SWP.

Second convention

When its Second National Convention was held during New Year's weekend of 1962, the Young Socialist Alliance claimed delegates from more than 20 college campuses and announced that the regular circulation of the Young Socialist Alliance's monthly paper, Young Socialist, had reached 5,000. (The SWP newspaper, The Militant, reported its own average circulation at 4,776 for 1961).[1]

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