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Dan Michniewicz is a Michigan activist.

City Council run


In 2020 Dan Michniewicz ran for for Ann Arbor City Council.

Colorado Transition Network

Dan Michniewicz was a member of the Colorado Transition Network in April 2011.[1]

I am one of the few who has conceded that the transportation of people and goods via fossil fuels is unsustainable and will soon prove too costly for the majority of people in the US and around the world.
I can organize like minded people by suggesting that members of the soon-to-be-operational Democratic Socialists of America Fort Collins Local take part in the transition movement.

Occupy Fort Collins

David Klausa, left, and Dan Michniewicz of Fort Collins DSA at Zuccotti Park in NYC

The Occupy Fort Collins demonstration is a part of the Occupy Movement which began on Sept. 17, 2011 with the original Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York City.

Dan Michniewicz of Fort Collins Democratic Socialists of America reported on the origins of the Occupy Fort Collins demonstration:[2]

"At its monthly meeting in September, the Fort Collins Democratic Socialists of America branch did the initial organizing for Occupy Fort Collins. It then turned over all decision making to the general assembly. Many of the folks who stop by the occupation are receptive to DSA's message and interested in learning more about the organization. I managed the Occupy Fort Collins Facebook page and Twitter feed before leaving for New York to take part in the protest there."

DSA 2011 leadership

Elected to serve on the Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee – the leadership body described as “the engine room of the organization”, in November 2011, were;[3]

Plus the two YDS co-chairs, Sean Monahan (Philadelphia, PA) and Jackie Sewell (Lawrence, KS).

Huron Valley Democratic Socialists of America

In 2017, Dan Michniewicz was chair the Huron Valley Democratic Socialists of America health care committee.


Social media coordinator Huron Valley Democratic Socialists of America leaders, as of July 8, 2018 is Dan Michniewicz ;[4]

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