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Rebecca Parson is a Washington activist. Parson, a Democratic Socialists of America member is seeking the endorsement of DSA, Our Revolution, Brand New Congress, and Justice Democrats.

She has also taken the Sunrise Movement’s No Fossil Fuel Pledge.[1]

Tacoma Housing Now

In December 2020 Rebecca Parson of Tacoma Housing Now, turned an unoccupied Travelodge into emergency housing on December 24.


DSA NPC newsletter August 20, 2020:

We’d also like to thank the six nationally endorsed DSA candidates (Justin Farmer, Megan Green, Rebecca Parson, Mary Ellen Biggerstaff, Nada Elmikashfi, and Dan Michniewicz), who narrowly lost, for running and for all the comrades who put in work for all of the campaigns we’ve mentioned.[2]

Tacoma DSA


Rebecca Parson for Congress, WA-06 November 3, 2019 ·

Proud to announce that my DSA chapter, Tacoma DSA, voted to endorse me! 🌹 🌹 🌹

Thank you. This means a lot.

Now let’s win Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and rent control!

Photo credit: Joseph Childers

DSA endorsement

Democratic Socialists of America March 17·


DSA is proud to endorse Rebecca Parson for Congress, WA-06, a local organizer running to represent the working class of Tacoma and nearby counties. Her Democratic primary will be August 4th, 2020. Parson’s campaign is also endorsed by Tacoma DSA and West Sound Democratic Socialists of America because she’s running to give everyone a home and end homeless in America. She will be the fighter and organizer we need to win Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and a Homes Guarantee.

As a queer woman, she understands the need to fight the diverse working-class and will lead the charge to defend the women’s rights, the LGBTQIA+ community, disability rights, indigenous communities, labor rights, and everyone in the working-class majority.

Locally, Parson has been a committed organizer and activist. She served on the Tacoma Area Commission on Disabilities, helped win new tenant protections in Tacoma, advocated for foster children, and more. Washington’s 6th District needs a representative for all of us — not just the wealthy few. It’s time for bold solutions, and Parson is the organizer we need to get us there.

Running for Congress


In 2019 Rebecca Parson ran for Congress in Washington's 6th District.

DSA convention

Delegates at the 2019 Democratic Socialists of America convention in Chicago included electoral candidates Shahid Buttar, Daniel Lockwood, and Rebecca Parson.[3]

Brand New Congress

In 2020 Rebecca Parson was a Brand New Congress endorsed candidate for US Congress in Washington.