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Carla De Paz Director of Community Organizing at East LA Community Corporation. Former Organizer at SEIU Local 2015. Lives in Lynwood, California.


  • Studied Political Science and Labor and Workplace Studies at UCLA
  • Went to Lynwood High School

10 year celebrations

Right to the City Alliance September 25, 2017.


With Vanessa Moses, Tony Samara, Roberto Carlos Garcia-Ceballos, Carla De Paz, Gilda Haas, Margi Clarke and Leticia Arce.

LeftRoots connection


Roberto Carlos Garcia-Ceballos is with Gabriel Adrian Vidal, Becca Abrams, Janet Favela, Rey Fukuda Salinas, Mike Dennis, Kari Fernandez, Celine Kuklowsky, Paulina Gonzalez-Brito, Jennifer Christine Maldonado, Gilda Haas, Rossmy Guevara, River Escalona Rosas, Tika Simone, Nancy Meza, Amelia Pinal, Fernando Xavier Abarca, Sebastian Ceballos, Marina Garcia, Carla De Paz.

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