Leticia Arce

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Leticia Arce

Leticia Arce has been a tenant rights counselor & organizer with Causa Justa/Just Cause since April 2013.

I work specifically in our tenant rights clinic supporting folks in defending their right to a safe and habitable housing. Many folks come in our tenant rights clinic in moments of crisis and, through our Serve the People Model, we not only support them in defending their housing but also support folks in connecting their individual issue to the larger systemic problems of displacement and recruit folks into our organization to continue to build people power and a stronger movement.[1]

It Takes Roots People's Caravan

It Takes Roots People's Caravan took place in July 2016. Grassroots Global Justice Alliance launched the It Takes Roots to Change the System People’s Caravan from the RNC to the DNC. Nearly 40 community leaders and allies from the US and Honduras traveled in a bus from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, stopping along the way to build with communities in Pittsburgh and Baltimore fighting for environmental and racial justice.

Caravanistas included Leticia Arce, Causa Justa/Just Cause Oakland CA

10 year celebrations

Right to the City Alliance September 25, 2017.


With Vanessa Moses, Tony Samara, Roberto Carlos Garcia-Ceballos, Carla De Paz, Gilda Haas, Margi Clarke and Leticia Arce.