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Amily McCool is the sister of Lisa McCool-Grime.

Education protest


June 16. 2016, from Anca Stefan;

Y'all - this is the picture we took after the last one of us was released from Wake County Detention Center jail after being arrested on charges of Impeding Traffic and Resisting an Officer. A week earlier, we'd held a press conference announcing our 23-mile march and asking for a meeting with our state's governor to discuss our students' needs and the generalized hemorrhage and drain of resources..

With Todd Warren, Jessica Benton, Lisa McCool-Grime, Nicholas Graber-Grace, Gary B. Durham, Kristin Beller, Lynne Walter, Leah Nichole Hendershot, Sendolo Diaminah, Dawn Amy Wilson, Bryan Proffitt, Shannon Elizabeth, Millie Beth, Turquoise Parker, James Finnegan, Alyssa Brieann, Amily McCool and Amy Swain.