Adrian Rivera

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Adrian Rivera

Democratic Central Committee

Fresno DSA voter guide 2020

DSA Fresno approved of these Democratic Central Committee Candidates’ willingness to stick to progressive values

Emily Brandt**, David Paredes**, Adrian Rivera, Stacy Williams, Ricardo Franco, Emily Cameron **, Mickey Chacon **, Alex Ramos-O'Casey, John Beynon **, Jill Cisneros, River Verdin, Marlin Dick, Jewel Hurtado, Isaac Gudino, James Williams, Hugo Hernandez Morrison.

    • indicates DSA Fresno member.

Standing for AD 23

In 2019 Adrian Rivera People Power slate, tax advisor, social justice activist, LGBT, stood from AD 23 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.[1]

2018 endorsements

Democratic Socialists of America, Fresno, CA Chapter May 23 ·


At our May 20th meeting, we endorsed candidates for statewide and federal office. Congratulations to all endorsees!