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Tony Tabatznik

Anthony Selwyn Tabatznik is a social justice philanthropist from South Africa who made his fortune in the pharmaceutical industry.[1]

Tony Tabatznik founded Bertha Foundation in 2009. He serves as a board member of Doc Society, which describes him as "an entrepreneur and committed philanthropist." He is a member of BRITDOC and "is the visionary behind Bertha Foundation whose mission is to create more progressive and just societies with work in three main areas: Media, Human Rights Law and Activist Training."

Impact of Global Social Justice Documentaries

From an artice posted at,[2]

"::When Tony Tabatznik founded the Bertha Foundation in 2009, he felt strongly that if you could connect storytellers, lawyers and activists, you have a formidable team for fighting for social change. After attending the Sundance Film Festival for several years, Tabatznik embraced the nonfiction media landscape as a major means to effect that change. In its brief life, the Bertha Foundation—through the Bertha Film Fund, the Bertha BRITDOC Connect Fund, the Bertha BRITDOC Documentary Journalism Fund and the IDFA Bertha Fund—has helped countless documentaries from around the world get made, get seen and get people thinking about the issues they ought to do something about.

"Our stance has been that we want to support the field and we feel like we need to do it in multiple ways," explains Rebecca Lichtenfeld, Director of Social Impact Media at the Bertha Foundation. "That's why we do a combination of things, ranging from enabling people's films to get made to enabling people to have access to the skills that they need to be able to tell their stories."
"We work with filmmakers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe who are telling stories from their own countries, and I think the fund is really strengthening the documentary culture in those countries."

Media Impact Funders

Bertha Foundation is associated with Media Impact Funders "a member-supported network of grantmakers who seek to drive social change through media and technology."[3]

Contributed to the Center for Economic Research and Social Change

Michael Ratner with Tony Tabatznik at FiSahara, May 2015

The Center for Economic Research and Social Change (CERSC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose leadership "consists entirely of International Socialist Organization members"[4] The Center for Economic Research and Social Change is supported in part by the Cultures of Resistance Network.[5]

According to their IRS 990 form for the year ending 2013,[6] contributors included: