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The Tides Foundation was founded in 1976 by Drummond Pike to work with “community-based nonprofit organizations and the progressive movement through innovative grantmaking.” Its lobbying is often taxpayer-funded, as it uses grants from public and private sources to fund progressive charities and organizations.[1]

Tides Foundation is a project organization of Tides, which also has Tides Center, Tides Shared Spaces and other related organizations as projects.


The Tides Foundation works with donors to increase and organize resources to incite "social change." It runs grant programs and promotes education.


Its self-identified progressive philanthropy provides a forum for grantmaking to non-profits and offers services to donors "committed to fairness, equality, and the sustainability of this world," its website says.

It is a public charity that structures individual philanthropies, linking them to a national and international network of like progressive charities and activist organizations.[1]

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan is a source for the Tides Foundation.[2]

Proteus Fund

The Tides Foundation is a grant recipient of the Proteus Fund.[3]

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