Stephanie J. Clohesy

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Stephanie J. Clohesy

Stephanie J. Clohesy is a public service leader with experience in public policy, women's rights, citizen participation, democratization, and organizational and leadership development for the U.S. and international nonprofit sectors. Currently an independent consultant, she specializes in providing strategic organizational and program planning and development.[1]

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Clohesy has served as a program officer for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation in Michigan.[2]

National Organization of Women

Clohesy served as the executive director of the NOW Legal Defense and Education.[2]

Foreign Policy Association

Clohesy has served as director of the Foreign Policy Association’s Fund for the Future.[2]

Tides Center

In 2009 Stephanie Clohesy was listed as Chair of the board of directors of the Tides Center[1].

Center for Policy Research

Clohesy has served as administrative director of the Center for Policy Research.[2]

Women’s Funding Network

Clohesy is the Chair of the Women’s Funding Network.[2]