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Strikewave is a Democratic Socialists of America affilited labor publication.

Labor is at a crossroads. After decades of decline, we face some of our biggest political and organizational challenges. Our choice is whether to continue our decline, or to organize and fight.

Workers across the nation—from telecommunications workers to teachers, nurses, and hospitality workers—are choosing to fight. Whether they're fighting for more of the profit their labor produces, or fighting for better schools and better healthcare, working Americans are meeting the challenge of our age with the best of the labor movement's militant, insurgent tradition.
Our goal is simple: we're bringing those struggles, from the shop floor to the picket line, to your inbox—and we hope to help you continue the fight along the way. We want to offer fresh perspectives and news useful to everyone from the unorganized worker to the seasoned labor activist.
As International Longshore and Warehouse Union President Harry Bridges said, "Labor cannot stand still. It must not retreat. It must go on, or go under."
We cannot retreat. We have only one choice: to move forward.
In solidarity,
The Strikewave Editorial Collective

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