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Sherrie Cohen

DSA member

In early 2019 Sherrie Cohen, a candidate for an at-large City Council seat in the Democratic primary election in May, was standing outside a DSA meeting, at the First Unitarian Church in Center City, greeting potential voters. Cohen was a Sanders delegate during the 2016 Democratic National Convention, and says she joined Philadelphia Democratic Socialists of America sometime in the last year.

“I’m all for Bernie now, but between now and 2020 is 2019, and I think it would be great for DSA to say that Philly politics matter also, because so many people, most people, are affected by what goes on at City Hall and in City Council,” Cohen said. “I haven’t been involved long but I haven’t seen that they’ve had a focus on Philly city politics, and I believe that they can make a big difference here like they’re making now in Chicago ... This number of people involved on the local level could definitely get me into office, and other allies.”[1]

Union endorsement

Amid public accusations of racial and personal bias, AFSCME District Council 47, the union that represents primarily white-collar city employees and supervisors, declined on Thursday night to endorse its current vice president, Ethelind Baylor, who has touted her union bona fides in her campaign for an at-large City Council seat.

“The meeting was a circus,” said Bob Coyle, president of the Local 2187, the largest voting delegate bloc among the eight labor groups represented under District Council 47. “There was a lot of animated discussion surrounding Ethelind, but in the end the union made the right decision to not endorse her.”

In the end, District Council 47 choose to endorse Isaiah Thomas, Sherrie Cohen, Helen Gym, Derek Green, and Justin DiBerardinis for City Council’s at-large seats.[2]

Vote Justice slate

215 People’s Alliance May 19, 2015 ·


TODAY IS THE DAY FOLKS. Nurse Patty Eakin on why she's going to #VoteJustice:


"I am excited by this election because I think we have a strong slate of candidates who are willing to fight to make this a city for everyone, not just for the city elites and the downtown corporations like Comcast.

As a nurse I know that one of the biggest predictors of poor health is poverty, and Philadelphia is the poorest of America's big cities. Jim Kenney and our endorsed city council candidates have pledged to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour because no one can provide the basic necessities of life for themselves and their children on $8 an hour."

The #VoteJustice Slate is Jim Kenney for Mayor, and Sherrie Cohen, Helen Gym, Isaiah Thomas, Wilson Good, Jr. and William Greenlee for City Council. Learn more about the #VoteJustice slate at

Progressive Philly Rising endorsement


Progressive Philly Rising is proud to announce our endorsements for City Council At-Large. Our endorsed candidates make up the #VotePeoplesAgenda slate.

Serving Councilman, W. Wilson Goode, Jr. is joined by challengers, Isaiah Thomas, Sherrie Cohen, Jenne Ayers, and Helen Gym.