Samia Bomfim

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JT Scott (L) Samia Bomfim (center) with Ben Ewen-Campen (R) via Twitter

Samia Bomfim

JT Scott, Samia Bomfim and Ben Ewen-Campen

On Oct 12, 2019, Ben Ewen-Campen tweeted[1] about his meeting with JT Scott and Samia Bomfim:

"Profoundly honored to meet Samia Bomfim the youngest woman ever elected to Brazil’s Congress, an anti-racist feminist hero from the Socialism and Liberation Party [PSOL], the same party of slain Rio City Councilor #MarielleFranco @JTforWard2 #MariellePresente"

Socialists in Office: Against Bolsonaro, Against Trump

Socialists in Office: Against Bolsonaro, Against Trump, Thursday, January 24, 2019 7:00 PM 9:00 PM Verso Loft Brooklyn.

Two years after Donald Trump's victory shook the world, Jair Bolsonaro rose in Brazil to solidify the Western Hemisphere's far-right wave. But at the same time, from DSA to the massive #EleNão mobilizations, new social forces are awakening to push it back: forces that are feminist, antiracist, socialist. This event will join the powerful socialist women congresswomen fighting Bolsonaro in Brazil -- and for justice for Marielle Franco -- with NYC-DSA's own Julia Salazar to talk about the insurgent candidacies and militant movements from below that will make socialism's victory over barbarism a reality.


(1) Taliria Petrone (RJ), is one of the few Black women ever elected to Brazil's Federal Congress. A long-time ally of Marielle Franco, Petrone considers herself a Black socialist feminist and has steadily fought for women’s rights, universal public health and education, and against anti-Black genocide.

(2) Samia Bomfim (SP), was elected recently to Brazil's Federal Congress at the age of 27. In 2016, she became the youngest councilwoman in the capital of São Paulo, and rose to political prominence as she battled the proto-fascist youth movement MBL.

(4) Fernanda Melchionna (RS), was recently elected to the Brazilian Federal Congress, garnering the largest amount of votes of any elected official in Rio Grande do Sul.

(5) Julia Salazar is a state senator representing North Brooklyn and an active member of DSA, fighting for a socialist-feminist program for New York.[2]