Sam Liccardo

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Sam Liccardo

Sam Liccardo is mayor of San Jose, California.

Kamala Harris Endorsed Sam Liccardo

Kamala Harris endorsed Sam Liccardo for mayor of San Jose, California.[1] In turn, Sam Liccardo was listed as a mayor endorser for Kamala Harris' Presidential Campaign.

Sam Liccardo Endorsed Michael Melillo

In 2019 Michael Melillo stood from AD 28 for the California Democratic Party central Committee.

The California Democratic Party has a tremendous opportunity before us. We can lead our country, set the platform of the national Democratic Party, and continue the Blue Wave into 2020 and beyond. With California’s primary moved up to Super Tuesday, our voices will now shape the future of our party’s presidential candidate. We must continue to build upon the momentum of the 2018 election. As a member of Orchard City Indivisible, I wrote hundreds of postcards to voters in districts that flipped from red to blue, and helped T.J. Cox, Josh Harder and other Democrats win. The party should continue to embrace organizations like Indivisible, Swing Left and Sister District that direct resources to where we need them the most to win crucial elections. I have served as an elected official when I was appointed to the San JosŽ Unified School Board in 2018. During my campaign, I was endorsed by Mayor Sam Liccardo, Santa Clara County Supervisor Susan Ellenberg, and The San Jose Teachers Association, among others. The California Democratic Party should be the leaders of this nation. The Green New Deal can set the tone for how to move forward.[2]