Reparations Coordinating Committee

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Reparations Coordinating Committee

In 2000 Charles Ogletree joined the Reparations Coordinating Committee, which sought to win "reparations" for descendants of African slaves[1].

The committee was convened by the TransAfrica Forum, a partner organization[2]of the radical Institute for Policy Studies. The committees objectives were;

To ascertain, document, and report comparative repair and restitution in the United States and abroad on behalf of the contemporary victims of slavery and the century-long practice of de jure racial discrimination which followed slavery;
A. To detail a range of feasible relief, reform, reconciliation, and restitution initiatives to make America better for everyone.
B. To identify and structure causes of action that would be cognizable in domestic and international tribunals and courts;
C. To begin a comprehensive review of such initiatives with leading domestic and international institutions;
D. And to work cooperatively with other groups pursuing reparation claims.

The committee, which Ogletree co-chaired with Adjoa Aiyetoro was a mixture of top trial lawyers and seasoned radical activists, including;

James Lloyd, Alfred Brophy, Michele Roberts, Kimberly Ellis, Johnnie Cochran, Randall Robinson, Dennis Sweet, Eric Miller, Sharon Cole and James Goodwin.