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Red Emma's Bookstore is based in Baltimore Maryland.

Jamala Rogers event

Wednesday 13 January 2016, Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse hosted a talk by Jamala Rogers. It is partially owned by K Froom.

"There is no algorithm, no theory that can predict when human rage reaches its boiling point. I wanted to expose to some and to remind others that there is another side of Ferguson, St. Louis County, USA that exists. It was a side that someone didn’t want to see. It is a side that now most people know about and by knowing, all fair-minded people should now be empowered to act."—Jamala Rogers

One year after Mike Brown was brutally killed by police: How will we make sure that Black lives matter? On August 9, 2014, Ferguson, St. Louis County, MO became the epicenter of a major political earthquake, shaking the core of how we see Black America, police and policing-jolting us into a new political normal.

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