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Oregon Democratic Socialists of America was affiliated to Democratic Socialists of America.

New local

In 2001 two new DSA locals emerged, in Oregon and Arizona.[1]

2002 activity

In 2002, according to Duane Poncy, Oregon Democratic Socialists of America members were involved this election season in Oregon’s Universal Health Care campaign, which lost by a large margin, and an initiative to raise the minimum wage to $6.90 per hour and tag it to inflation, which passed by a substantial majority.

The chapter was a founding member of the Oregon Public Power Coalition, which is attempting to form a People’s Utility District to take over Enron’s local subsidiary. A PUD measure on the ballot in Multnomah County (Portland) was expected in the spring. The local was also involved in a new statewide economic justice coalition, which will work on issues such as TANF and living wage campaigns.

DSA Oregon had also taken on the project of rebuilding the radical Red Rose School, then in its 23rd year .[2]

Portland DSA

In 2015, Portland Democratic Socialists of America Organizing Committee contacts were Todd Mayberry, and Rick Bellivieu.[3]