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McCray Powell, is an Athens Ohio activist.

Council run

Southeast Ohio DSA June 21 2019·


In the race for Nelsonville City Council, the Southeast Ohio DSA is happy to endorse socialist candidate McCray Powell, member of Athens Revolutionary Socialists. His determination to root out the blatant corruption in Nelsonville City Council and his personal dedication to the people of Nelsonville and the region make his candidacy unique in an area dominated by self-serving political strong-men. McCray will bring to Nelsonville City Council a deep commitment to improve the material conditions of the working class and poor people of Nelsonville, and we'll be organizing along side him along the way!

Anti-capitalist candidates

Elect Ellie Hamrick - Socialist for Athens City Council October 22 2019·


Athens County anti-capitalist candidates support the Chicago Teachers Union! They are fighting for the whole working class. — with Elect McCray Powell - Socialist for Nelsonville City Council, Chris Monday and Damon Krane for Mayor of Athens.

Athens Council election activists


Lori Boegershausen March 27 2019·

Polling locations in Nelsonville, Buchtel, and York township have been reversed to their original location.This is a victory for the people and our communities. I am so glad to have been a small part of the work done. This is what can be achieved by demanding our voices be heard and refusing to be silenced. I have learned so much from working with McCray Powell, Lori Crook, Dottie Fromal, Jeremy Jones, Andrea Reik, Amanda Wilson-kiger and others.

Edwards meeting

Lori Crook May 21 2019·


An excellent meeting with Rep. Jay Edwards about community-based naloxone distribution and a number of other important issues facing our county. — with Jay Edwards, Ashley Lynn Summerfield, Lori Boegershausen, Kimberly Keen and McCray Powell.