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Athens Revolutionary Socialists, was formerly known as the Athens Ohio branch of the International Socialist Organization.

It works very closely with Southeast Ohio Democratic Socialists of America.

Endorsement of Damon Krane for Mayor of Athens

Damon krane.PNG


The Athens Revolutionary Socialists are proud to endorse Damon Krane for mayor of Athens. Damon is a socialist and a member of the Southeast Ohio DSA. He has been active in movements against war, racism, sexism, and homophobia; and for tenants’ rights, freedom of the press, and student power. He will face incumbent Democrat Steve Patterson in the general election on November 5.

We are looking forward to fighting alongside Damon for a socialist future free of oppression and exploitation! For updates on Damon’s campaign, follow Damon Krane for Mayor of Athens. And don’t forget that Athens Revolutionary Socialists member Ellie Hamrick is also running for local office this year! Follow Elect Ellie Hamrick - Socialist for Athens City Council.

Backing McCray Powell

Southeast Ohio DSA June 21 2019·


In the race for Nelsonville City Council, the Southeast Ohio DSA is happy to endorse socialist candidate McCray Powell, member of Athens Revolutionary Socialists. His determination to root out the blatant corruption in Nelsonville City Council and his personal dedication to the people of Nelsonville and the region make his candidacy unique in an area dominated by self-serving political strong-men. McCray will bring to Nelsonville City Council a deep commitment to improve the material conditions of the working class and poor people of Nelsonville, and we'll be organizing along side him along the way!

ISO comrades

Athens International Socialist Organization August 13, 2018


We took 11 people from Athens to counterprotest the Unite the Right rally in D.C. There were thousands of counterprotesters and only an estimated 20-30 in Kessler's group of fascists. As we marched away from the park after the fascists went home, the crowd chanted "I Believe That We Just Won."

Some of our favorite headlines from the day?

"White Nationalists Dwarfed by Crowds of Counterprotesters... See More — with Ellie Farris, Daniel Kington and Ryan Powers.

Athens International Socialist Organization· March 24, 2018.


We are excited to work alongside the Ohio University Graduate Employee Organization to fight for fair health subsidies for grad students. While OU only subsidizes 4% of grad student health insurance, peer institutions on average subsidize 89%. If you haven't yet, check out their campaign demanding OU raise its subsidies to 89% #BeAverageOU — with Kira Bragg, Lori Boegershausen, Emily Walter and Bill Burke.

Athens International Socialist Organization November 27, 2017.


Photo of Athens comrades in Chicago this summer. — with Daniel Kington, Ilya Kogan, Tyler Barton and Bill Burke.