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Marc Frank

Marc Frank is a Freelance journalist in Havana working for Reuters, the Financial Times and ABC News.

Communist writer

Havana-based Reuters correspondent Marc Frank is a former writer for the People’s Daily World, a Communist Party USA publication.

In Frank’s little-known 1993 book, “Cuba Looks to the Year 2000,” he admits having written over 1,000 articles for the communist publication as their Havana-based Latin American correspondent during a five year period in the 1980’s. According to its website, the publication (which has since changed its name to the People’s Weekly World) shares a “special relationship” with the Communist Party USA.[1]

Meeting with Foreign Correspondents at the Embassy of Malaysia

There was a meeting with Foreign Correspondents at the Embassy of Malaysia, Havana, 11 November 2009. Ambassador Yean Yoke Heng convened the discussion.

Participants included Mrs. Mary Murray, Correspondent, NBC; Mrs. Portia Siegelbaum, Correspondent, CBS; and Mr. Paul Haven, AP., Mr. Mohd Fareed Zakaria, Second Secretary / Head of Chancery, Embassy of Malaysia; Michael Voss, Correspondent, BBC; Marc Frank, Reuters.[2]