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Rev. Jim Gorman

DSOC Religious Commission

In 1977, John Cort attended the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee convention in Chicago. At the convention Cort and others organized a DSOC Religion and Socialism Committee (later Commission). Cort was elected coordinator and editor of the newsletter.

Among early leaders, co-editors and contributors to the newsletter were Peter Steinfels, Sister Mary Emil, Rosemary Ruether, Harvey Cox, Cornel West, Arthur Waskow, Joe Holland, James Luther Adams, Jim Gorman, Maxine Phillips and Jim Wallis. Monsignor George Higgins was also a contributor.[1]

1986 Debs dinner


Rev. Jim Gorman the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America 1986 Norman Thomas - Eugene V. Debs Dinner, held on Saturday, May 10, at the Ascot Hotel.

Andrea Gundersen presented the Debs Award to Jackie Vaughn.

Picturd right: Carl Shier, Rev. Jim Gorman, Jackie Vaughn, Michael Harrington, Andrea Gundersen singing "solidarity forever"[2].


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