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Homam Zituni

Template:TOCnestleft Homam Zituniis a public relations and international studies major at the University of South Florida. From the three years that he has spent studying, three accomplishments stand out: Interning with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, founding USF’s first student-run public relations firm and direct the communications for “The Salahadin Project.”

Homam took the opportunity to intern with the Council on American-Islamic Relations in order to further his professional development as a public relations professional. Homam had the opportunity to write media reports, press releases, communicate with key publics within the state of Florida about Islamophobia and communicate with the media on CAIR’s activism towards Islamophobia within the Florida community.

Homam was hired by USF PRSSA to begin USF’s first student-run firm. Homam was able to recruit other students for executive-board positions, create a constitution, guidelines, by-laws and all the necessary documents in order to begin working as a student run-firm. He also networked with potential clients in the Tampa Bay area and planning a launch party for Jan. 21st, 2013. Homam has named the firm KnoBull PR and shown great ambition in bringing USF students new opportunities to gain professional experience.

Homam found out that a group of friends of his began an initiative called “The Salahadin Project”, which aimed at creating a pilot episode for a television show about Salahadin Ayoubi. What they hoped to achieve was to televise the entirety of Salahadin’s chivalrous life in order to portray Islamic history in a positive and accurate manner. Homam offered to help direct their communication efforts and together they were able to secure media coverage locally and internationally, connect with fans from all over the world and raise nearly $100,000 for their project. This experience and success helped Homam gain the knowledge that was vital to his professional growth.

Homam is also an active PRSSA member, an avid volunteer with Project Downtown Tampa, has traveled around the world to 14 different countries, is bilingual in both English and Arabic, and has participated in many other activities towards his self-development. In all the work that Homam does, he ensures that others benefit from his quest for personal growth.[1]

Tampa Bay SDS

Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society February 12, 2016.


With Ionie Lopez, Sarah Owusu-Tweneboah, Avery Temple, Christian Sandoval, Danya Zituni, Jerrica Hoey, Jessica Schwartz, Jack Ling, Homam Zituni, Elizabeth Kramer and Irving Evans at Yuengling Center.


Homam Zituni, Danya Zituni, Elizabeth Kramer.

Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society March 30, 2015.


Homam Zituni, Amir Msawel, Danya Zituni.

Fundraiser 4 Rasmea


Danya Zituni September 13, 2015;

At Dabke & Dessert - Fundraiser 4 Rasmea, where we raised monies for & learned about a real fighter for the people, #RasmeaOdeh!

Photo credit: Michela <3 — with Homam Zituni, Jared Austin, Gage Lacharite, Jerrica Hoey, Sam Beutler, Adriana Beatríz, Elizabeth A'ya, Taina Pantoja, Chrisley Carpio, Jessica Schwartz, Fabrizio Godomar, Ionie Lopez and Ashley Evans.


Students for Justice in Palestine launched a campaign in January 2013 calling on the University of South Florida to divest from Israeli companies. The campaign included a 2014 petition, which collected over 10,000 student signatures — approximately 21% of USF’s students. A cartoon campaign video produced by SJP misinformed students that USF invests in companies that make fighter jets and rockets that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) "uses against civilians in the Gaza strip." In the video, bombs labeled “made 2 kill" are dropped on the Gaza strip, with the resulting explosions exclaiming “kaboom" and “kill!"

On May 5, 2014, Fakhoury and fellow SJP members Ahmad Saadaldin, Omar Erchid and Homam Zituni were given the opportunity to present their petition on behalf of SJP USF to the CEO and Foundation Board Chair of USF for over an hour. After that hearing, the Investment Committee rejected the petition. Lara Wade-Martinez, the Director of Media Relations at USF added that the matter would not be taken up again or voted on at future meetings.[2]