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Harry Nowell is a New Zealand activist.


Nowell is a Massey University graduate.

Youth Festival

In February 1987, Wellington Socialist Unity Party member, Peter Hall-Jones attends an International prepatory Committee meeting, charged with organising the 1989 Pyongyang WFDY youth festival.

Back in NZ, Hall-Jones, an activist with the Wellington Unemployed Workers Union, helps to recruit some of the 20 plus delegates required.

His Party comrade, Harry Nowell is charged with organising the finance and logistics.

Nowell moves into the HQ of the taxpayer funded ($135,000 pa) National Youth Council and uses their resources and networks to carry out his work.


  • 1986, August 19, wrote book review in Tribune on "Human Rights in the Soviet Union", a class based analysis.
  • 1986 June 16, wrote article in Tribune on USSR's nuclear test ban.
  • 1987 Agenda of Auck SUP meeting 4/3/87 from files in AT Lib lists attendance including Harry soccer, clerical
  • Mid 80s Harry Nowell listed Auckland City Branch SUP. [1]
  • 1988 November 28, wrote article in Tribune.
  • 1989 wrote article in Tribune "NZ youth prepares for World Youth Festival in Korea".
  • 1991 December, TRL invited by Brendan Tuohy to Harry's "33 and a third" birthday.


In 1986 Nowell was the founder of Reddfish computer company with Brendan Tuohy.

Supporting Sam Murray's thesis

Sam Murray, earned a PhD in 2001 (Anthropology) from Massey University.

"Terra Aquarius - A Marxist Ethnography of the Alternative Lifestyle in Nimbin." Supervisor Professor Jeff Sissons.

She thanked her Reddfish partners Brendan Tuohy, Conal Tuohy, Miriam Tuohy, Greg Ford, Harry Nowell, Spike Thomas. Ian Rotheram scanned photos for the thesis.[2]

Soviet trip

In 1988 Nowell visited the Soviet Union.

Computer consultant

In 1995 Nowell was a Computer Consultant.


In 2003 living in London, member of the Socialist Party of Aotearoa. [3].



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