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Harry Nowell is a New Zealand activist.


Nowell is a Massey University graduate.


  • 1986, August 19, wrote book review in Tribune on "Human Rights in the Soviet Union", a class based analysis.
  • 1986 June 16, wrote article in Tribune on USSR's nuclear test ban.
  • 1987 Agenda of Auck SUP meeting 4/3/87 from files in AT Lib lists attendance including Harry soccer, clerical
  • Mid 80s Harry Nowell listed Auckland City Branch SUP. [1]
  • 1988 November 28, wrote article in Tribune.
  • 1989 wrote article in Tribune "NZ youth prepares for World Youth Festival in Korea".
  • 1991 December, TRL invited by Brendan Tuohy to Harry's "33 and a third" birthday.


In 1986 Nowell was the founder of Reddfish computer company with Brendan Tuohy.

Soviet trip

In 1988 Nowell visited the Soviet Union.

Computer consultant

In 1995 Nowell was a Computer Consultant.


In 2003 living in London, member of the Socialist Party of Aotearoa. [2].


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