George Vlasits

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George Vlasits

George Vlasits is a Wilmington, North Carolina activist.

"An Open Letter to the Party Building Movement"

This open letter is signed by past and current members of the Organizing Committee for an Ideological Center (OCIC), and others in the party building movement who have had close contact with the OCIC. As a result of important recent events in the OCIC, we want to make known our urgent concerns regarding the line and practice of the Steering Committee (SC) of the OCIC and its impact on the party building movement as a whole.

Signatories included George Vlasits, Baltimore.

Letter to LOM

Barbara becker..JPG

Circa 1981 George Vlasits and Barbara Becker wrote a letter from Baltimore to other Line of March groups.

Line of March

In 1982 Robert Seltzer was a member of the Line of March Labor Commission. Others associated with this group included Jan Gilbrecht, Fred Lass, Randall Sewell San Francisco, Susan Reed Detroit, Barbara Roth Boston, and George Vlasits Baltimore. [1]

Leigh connection

Jeff Mills Sandra Leigh, and George Vlasits , November 2016


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