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LOM Contributing editor

In 1980, contributing editors to Line of March were Tom Angotti, Fran Beal, Ralph Beitel, William Bollinger, Dale Borgeson, Jim Dann, Michael Downing, Cam Duncan, James Early, Phil Gardiner, Steve Hamilton, Fred Lass, Dan Lund, Jan Newton, Tim Patterson, Mel Rothenberg, Ann Schwartz, Albert Szymanski.[1]

Line of March

In 1981 Jan Gilbrecht, Juan Langston, Fred Lass, Barbara Peters, were all trade union activists, members of the Northen California Alliance and affiliated with the Line of March Labor Commission.[2]

"Class Lines"


In 193 Fred Lass, April Hawkins and Mickey Quinn were staff of "Class Lines", the paper of the Line of March Labor Commission.

Labor Commission


In 1985 Fred Lass was on the National Executive of the Line of March Labor Commission, while Mickey Quinn was a member.



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