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Dylan Parker is a Diesel Technician, Rock Island, Illinois. He is Married to V. Antoinette Patchouli.


St. Ambrose University


  • Murphy-Hoffman Company (MHC Kenworth)
  • Twin Bridges Truck City, Outsource Fleet Services

Council run


In April 2017, Quad Cities Democratic Socialists of America member Dylan Parker was elected to the Rock Island City Council, 5th Ward Alderman, with Democratic Socialists of America support.

Parker is now the thirteenth DSA member holding elected office in the country. With his victory, Parker joins a list that includes Carlos Rosa, Chicago’s 35th Ward Alderman, Mike Sylvester, of the Maine House of Representatives, and Julie Ann Nitsch, Austin Community College Board of Trustee in Texas.

“DSA is very excited about our own member Dylan Parker being elected Alderman of Rock Island, Illinois” DSA National Director Maria Svart Said. “You can now find DSA chapters in nearly every state in the union, and our public electoral activity and success can only grow from here.” In addition, DSA hopes that Khalid Kamau, a member running for city council in South Fulton, GA, will win the next DSA electoral victory on Tuesday, April 18th.

Dylan Parker serves as the Vice Chair for the newly formed Quad Cities Democratic Socialists of America Organizing Committee. Nearly all of his campaign volunteers were DSA members. While the election was non-partisan, Parker called for equitable economic development in the city of Rock Island via universal residential broadband internet access, and campaigned on expanding the municipality’s publicly owned hydroelectric power plant. Dylan Parker was also a Sanders delegate for the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Dylan Parker looks forward to serving Rock Island’s 5th Ward as Alderman and exploring socialist concepts such as neighborhood land trusts, cooperative business models and Municipal Banking. “Thank you to all volunteers, neighbors, friends and voters over the past several months that made tonight’s electoral victory a reality.” said Parker. “We presented a clear vision of a strong Rock Island built on empowered neighborhoods, a transparent government and an economic development policy dedicated to fostering innovation and 68% of 5th Ward’s electorate agreed.”[1]

Democratic Socialists of America Unity

Dylan Parker Illinois, supported the Democratic Socialists of America Unity grouping, established for the 2017 Democratic Socialists of America National Convention in Chicago.[2]

Facebook group

Quad Cities Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group as of April 30, 2017;



DSA Sewer Socialist Caucus Closed FB group

Members of the DSA Sewer Socialist Caucus, closed Facebook group, as of August 22, 2017, included Dylan Parker[3]

DSA Elected Officials, March 2019

From a March 6, 2019 by DSA National Electoral Committee statement "DSA Elected Officials Support Teacher Power and Working People Everywhere."

Endorsing Democratic Socialists of America members included Dylan Parker, Mayor Pro Tem, 5th Ward Alderman, Rock Island, IL.