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Democratic Socialists of America Momentum is a reform faction of Democratic Socialists of America which ran a slate of NPC candidates at the 2017 National Convention in Chicago.

DSA Momentum is a group of committed and experienced DSA member-leaders who together have more than 30 years of experience in socialist and political organizing. We have worked on a number of national DSA committees, including the editorial board of Democratic Left, the We Need Bernie campaign, DSA’s Political Education committee, the Program and Local Development Committee, DSA’s social media team, and the DSA Convention Resolutions and Planning Committees. Our candidates are also leaders in DSA locals in Boston, Chicago, Detroit, East Bay (CA), New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia.[1]

NPC candidates


Democratic Socialists of America Momentum Endorses Michelle Denise Fisher and Ajmal Alami for 2017-19 Young Democratic Socialists (YDS) Co-Chairs.

  • With our endorsement of Ajmal and Michelle, we aim to keep building a stronger relationship with YDS and develop its leaders.

DSA Momentum Supports Resolution #46

Democratic Socialists of America Momentum Supports Resolution #46. DSA needs more (and better!) internal arenas for political discussion and debate. That's why we support convention Resolution #46 motivated by Gabrielle Semel and Dave Hancock, both of NYC-DSA. It calls for the establishment of discussion bulletins, chapter discussions and trainings, regular conference calls, and other measures to organize discussion on the major political issues facing DSA. We call on all delegates attending the convention to vote for it![4]