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K. A. Owens

K. A. Owens is a Louisville Kentucky activist. He is a veteran community and political organizer. In 2008 he was recognized by the Louisville Metro Council for outstanding community service. He earned an honorable discharge from the Kentucky Air National Guard and the United States Air Force Reserve. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Master’s degree in Humanities with a concentration in Civic Leadership from the University of Louisville. He is a native of Louisville.[1]


K.A. Owens is a long-time member of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. He has served the organization in many capacities including Jefferson County representative to the Steering Committee, and on the Executive Committee as vice chair, chair, and now serves as immediate past chair. He has been a leader on issues of economic justice and has served on the KFTC Economic Justice Committee for many years. As chair of KFTC he served on the Land Stewardship and Conservation Task Force of the Kentucky legislature.

K.A. Owens is also co-chair of the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, a civil rights organization headquartered in Louisville. He is a former member of the Coordinating Committee (Board of Directors) of the Fairness Campaign and is still on the Leadership Council of that organization. He is a former board member of the Democracy Resource Center. He was a cofounder of Citizens Against Police Abuse, an organization dedicated to police reform and ending police brutality. [2]

I Love Mountains Day

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth's I Love Mountains Day 2009 saw another strong turnout in Frankfort as hundreds marched and rallied in support of clean water and protections for Kentucky's mountains and coalfield communities.

The crowd marched about a half mile to join a another crowd waiting for them on the front steps of the state capitol, greeted by music from Ben Sollee and David Martin Moore. Speeches by Sen. Kathy Stein, Rep. John Yarmuth, K. A. Owens, Randy Wilson, Silas House, Ashley Judd, Lyle Snider, Willa Hood, Emily Gillespie and Teri Blanton.[3]

Kentucky Alliance co-chair

In 2009 K. A. Owens, Kathleen Parks, David Lott were Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression co-chairs.[4]

Fred Hicks' Friends and comrades

According to to his friend and "comrade" David Horvath, Committees of Correspondence member Fred Hicks' Louisville activist friends included Carla Wallace, Jan Phillips (a longtime friend and fellow activist), Suzy Post (President of the Kentucky ACLU), Fr. Jim Flynn, Eddie Davis, Black Caucus and Educational Outreach Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, K. A. Owens, Ira Grupper, Gracie Lewis, Barb Williams.[5]

CCDS meeting

Approximately 28 labor activists, activists for single payer health care, gay rights, an end to mountain top removal, voter rights for ex- felons, students for socialism, and campaigners against racism and war in Afghanistan came together on Saturday, September 19 2009, in Louisville to share information and action plans at the semi-annual Midwest Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism meeting.

K.A. Owens, chairperson, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and co-chair of the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, spoke of the historical election of Barack Obama and what it has meant to African-Americans, gays and other sectors of the society who have lived in discrimination. He then suggested that there is much work to still to be done. Along with grassroots activism, progressives need to work to revise our language and how we relate to each other. He used as an example the typical way in which people great each other for the first time. People are asked “what do you do?” Along with visible codes communicated physically as to race, and gender, “the what do you do question” signifies class. And, as with responding to people by virtue of race and gender, responses to the job/employment question shapes peoples reaction to others in class terms. Owens argued that we must transcend race, gender, and class in our organizing. [6]


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