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DSA Poor People's Caucus is affiliated with Democratic Socialists of America.


The Poor Peoples' Caucus of the Democratic Socialists of America seeks to amplify the voices of poor comrades, and to help DSA achieve its goal of building a movement of, by and for the poor and working class. Our praxis includes, but is not limited to:

1) Coming together as poor folks to share experiences, compare notes, and analyze our oppression.

2) Providing supportive, nonjudgmental ventspace for comrades beset by bourgies, yuppies, hipsters, and classist bullshit.

3) Advocating for economic accessibility at every level of our organization.

4) Educating our comrades on topics like class culture and communication, the problems that arise when individualistic middle/upper class values creep into socialist activism, and how to make DSA a safe and welcoming place for poor folks.

5) Coordinating material aid and solidarity funds for comrades facing poverty-related crises.

6) Pushing for strategies and approaches that will lead to defeating capitalism ASAP (before more of us die). Reminding comrades with less skin in the game of the stakes. Keeping it urgent. Keeping it real.

NOTE: This is a closed group due to the recent spate of doxxings etc. When you ask to join, mods will attempt to verify your DSA-affiliation through your profile and publicly available information, but please also watch your FB messages in case we need to check in with you personally![1]

DSA Poor People's Caucus closed FB group


DSA Poor People's Caucus, closed Facebook page, as of August 20 2017.[2]


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