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Cornell Locklear is a North Carolina activist.

Black anti-Columbus group

Ona Alston, Abdul Alkalimat, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Monica Jackson, Ralph Gomes, Cynthia Larimore, Jerome Scott, Cornell Locklear, Leo Oso, Walda Katz-Fishman, were on the working group for a conference to discuss an "Afro-Centric Counter-Columbus commemoration" Bill Fletcher, Jr. wrote about the group "In search of our truth, and our future" inFreedom Road Socialist Organization's Forward Motion, December 1991 issue.

Memorial March


Those present at the February 1992 planning meeting for the Imperial Food Workers memorial March and Rally included Ashaki Binta and Cassandra Smith (co-chairs), Cornell Locklear, Angaza Laughinghouse, Jim Grant, Gini Webb, Marcia Dean.

National Outreach, Endorsements Coordinating and Co-sponsors committee:Ashaki Binta, Pamela Namdar, Cornell Locklear, Ajamu Dillahunt, Rev. Fred Taylor, Eileen Hansen.