Ashaki Binta

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Ashaki Binta

Ashaki Binta is a North Carolina activist.

Memorial March


Those present at the February 1992 planning meeting for the Imperial Food Workers memorial March and Rally included Ashaki Binta and Cassandra Smith (co-chairs), Cornell Locklear, Angaza Laughinghouse, Jim Grant, Gini Webb, Marcia Dean.

Black Radical Congress

In 2000 Ashaki Binta was the Atlanta contact for Black Radical Congress[1].

In 2000 Ashaki Binta served on the Coordinating Committee of the Black Radical Congress.[2]


At the 1998 Black Radical Congress in Chicago, a panel was convened on "Organizing the South"

This panel will discuss the historic role of the Black South in the larger history of Black exploitation and the struggle for Black freedom.

Panelists were Ashaki Binta, Chokwe Lumumba, Ajamu Dillahunt, (coordinator) Gary Grant, Latosha Brown[3]

Independent Progressive Politics Network

In 2009 Ashaki Binta served on the Advisory Committee of the Independent Progressive Politics Network[4].

Left Forum 2009

Black Workers and the Current Economic Crisis:

Black Left Unity Network

In 2010, Ashaki Binta was on the Cuban Working Group of the Black Left Unity Network.[5]

Emergency Labor Network Conference

Ashaki Binta of the Black Workers for Justice speaking at the Emergency Labor Network Conference, on organizing the South, June 24-26, 2011.[6]

Black Liberation Theoreticians

Circa 2012, a Black Left Unity Directory;

Ashaki Binta/NC, William Darity /NC, Ajamu Dillahunt /NC, Joyce Johnson /NC, Nelson Johnson /NC, Joseph Jordan, Julianne Malveaux / NC, Shafeah M'Balia, Naeema Muhammad /NC, Saladin Muhammad /NC, Mark Anthony Neal /NC, Ed Whitfield /NC, Leah Wise / NC.[7]

Black Left Unity December 2013


Group portrait at the conclusion of the December 21, 2013 Black Left Unity Network meeting. Seated, left to right: Ajamu Dillahunt, Saladin Muhammad, Abdul Alkalimat, Ashaki Binta, Kathy Knight. Standing, left to right: Roger Newell, J. R. Fleming, T. Menelik Van Der Meer, Dennis Orton, Kia Van Der Meer, Sam Anderson, Shafeah M'Balia, Rose Brewer, Anthony Monteiro, Toussaint Losier, Rukiya Dillahunt, Taliba Obua, Jonathan Stith, Carl Redwood, Tdka Kilimanjaro, Jamal Oliver, Akinjele Umoja.


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