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"Stone and Sand", the Foundation's symbol

Template:TOCnestleft The Christopher Reynolds Foundation is a private grant-making foundation organized in 1952 by Libby Holman Reynolds. "Holman Reynolds established it in memory of her son, Christopher, who died in a mountain climbing accident in 1950 when he was 18 years old." Jack Clareman was Holman Reynolds' legal counsel and helped set up the Foundation.[1]

Board of Directors


Beginning in 1995, the Foundation began to financialy support work for U.S. policy with Cuba in a number of ways. A key way in which the Foundation has done this is in paying for both Congressmen and women, and the staffers of Congressmen and women to take diplomatic trips to Cuba. Reasons given for these trips include "fact-finding, study effects of U.S. embargo", "improving U.S./Cuba relations" and "meeting with officials to discuss embargo & human rights". The total cost of the 29 trips the Foundation has sponsored so far comes to $47,483.11. The following is a list of those whom the Foundation has sponsored to make a diplomatic trip to Cuba:[3]


As at Sept. 13, 2008, the following organizations had received funding from the Foundation:[4]

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