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Center for Civic Participation (CCP) is a progressive group that participates in building field-based coalitions, accepts donations from philanthropists and foundations, and is a docking station for small, specific projects. It was formed after the coalition group National Voice disbanded in 2004 (note: links to National Voice and NOVEMBER 2 are archived pages). Its core staff in Minneapolis and it has consultants in Florida, New York, San Francisco, Wisconsin, and Washington, DC.[1]

National Voice

National Voice was created in June 2003 by almost 100 organizations, a network of about 2000 voter projects doing 501(c)3 election work, and a coordinated get-out-the-vote coalition of nine large national field-based organizations. It officially closed on December 31, 2004 after organizing the NOVEMBER 2 media messaging campaign. NOVEMBER 2 was implemented by consultants and Wieden + Kennedy 12.[1]


The Center for Civic Participation's mission is to increase civic engagement in ways that strengthen democratic institutions and encourage public involvement in civic life. CCP works in historically underrepresented communities.

It had been created to find ways for the non-profit community to engage in non-partisan voter registration and mobilization efforts.[1]


The board is made up of Julie Bergman Sender of Balcony Pictures, Renee Fazzari of the General Service Foundation, Ken Grossinger of the CrossCurrents Foundation, Eli Lee of the Center for Civic Policy, Scott Nielson of the McKay Foundation, Rene Redwood of Redwood Enterprise, LLC, Bob Schaeffer of Public Policy Communications and Anne Summers of the Brico Fund.

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