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Capital District Democratic Socialists of America formerly Albany Democratic Socialists of America, is an upstate New York affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.


Aria Winter Johnson was in 2020 co-chair of Albany Democratic Socialists of America.

2020 Executive Committee

2019 leadership

Capital District Democratic Socialists of America Executive Committee April 2019.



Capital District Democratic Socialists of America July 7, 2018 ·


At the South End Farmer’s market today🌹✊️ with Mat Adler, Sara Lee Palmer, Henry Best, — with Henry Best at Capital South Campus Center (CSCC)-Albany.

Capital District Democratic Socialists of America September 16, 2017 ·


Last weekend, this crew canvassed the North Central and South Lansingburgh neighborhood in Troy, talking to residents about the Campaign for New York Health - it was a great time and we learned about our neighbors' experiences with the health care system. Single payer now - in NY and nationwide! — with Jamie Munro, Lizzy Price, Sean Patrick, Michael Koes, Eugene Umlor and Sofia Jacobs.

DSA Involvement in Occupy Albany

On Oct. 28, 2011, Democratic Socialists of America member Larry Wittner attended the evening gathering at Occupy Albany. He stated,[2]

"I was at the Occupy Albany gathering tonight, where about 150–200 people were doing their stuff in a local park—right across the street from the state capitol and city hall. I was quickly tapped for future teach-ins.
Yes, the police reportedly resisted pressure from the mayor and the governor (Andrew Cuomo –a real corporate prick) to clear the park and make arrests. Part of the reason is that the local district attorney (David Soares) is quite liberal, and, assailing the draconic Rockefeller drug laws, he rallied local lefties in 2004 to win an upset victory over the establishment mayor's hand-picked candidate. Soares has met with the demonstrators and has publicly said there's no reason whatsoever to hassle them. The Capital District CLU is ecstatic."

An early December report from Alan Curry stated;[2]

I'm a paralegal in Albany, NY, and have signed up on the Legal Team for the local camp. Not much is happening yet in that regard, mainly because the AG here is declining to prosecute any OWS arrestees. Other than that, I've been dropping in on the park and contributing what I can.

New beginnings

Casey J. Chapman, was in 2016, contact for Albany Democratic Socialists of America Organizing Committee.[3]



Bottom left Peter Warren. Bottom right Danny Kazanov, Calabrio Vertaliginous.

Facebook group

Closed Facebook group for members of the DSA Albany.[4]

As of April 16, 2017;



DSA Albany Education Committee

Albany Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group, as of April 16, 2017;



Other Members

DSA Albany RJ&O Committee


Albany Democratic Socialists of America RJ&O Committee Closed Facebook group is for members of the DSA Albany Racial Justice & Outreach Committee.[5]

Admins and Moderators

  • Everett Hart, College of Saint Rose. Created group on February 3, 2017.


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