BuxMont Democratic Socialists of America

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BuxMont Democratic Socialists of America is a Bucks County and Montgomery County Pennsylvania affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.


2019 co-chairs BuxMont Democratic Socialists of America Hamer Rodriguez, Daniel Kauder.[1]

BuxMont DSA founders


Resolution 7:18:04, Philadelphia Democratic Socialists of America July 2018 General Meeting.

Establish Bucks/Montgomery County Branch

Authors: James Lewis

Co-Sponsors: Daniel Kauder, Hamer Rodriguez, Jeanette Marie Culver, Spencer Potts

Whereas, Philadelphia DSA membership is growing beyond the city limits of Philadelphia; and,

Whereas, members of Philadelphia DSA in Bucks and Montgomery Counties are interested in forming an official branch of the Local; and,

Whereas, the bylaws of Philadelphia DSA permit the formation of branches on the basis of geography,

Therefore be it resolved, that Philadelphia DSA adopt the following charter thereby establishing a Branch for Bucks and Montgomery Counties:


BuxMont Democratic Socialists of America February 10 2019:


With Ronald Joseph and Jack Malone.

Medicare for All endorsement

BuxMont Democratic Socialists of America August 20 ·


Almost a year’s worth of organizing has led to Norristown City Council unanimously passing a resolution endorsing universal healthcare and the Medicare for All Act of 2019! 🌹Thanks to all the hard work put in by our membership throughout this campaign. We have a world to win!

Endorsing Memelstein


On September 24 2017 BuxMont Democratic Socialists of America recommended for endorsement their member Jules Mermelstein for the position of Pennsylvania Superior Court judge.

The Press release was signed by James Lewis, Jack O Maoileoin, and Hamer Rodriguez for the BuxMont Democratic Socialists of America Interim Steering Committee.

BuxMont DSA Closed Facebook Group


BuxMont Democratic Socialists of America Closed Facebook Group, as of March 12, 2018;

Admins and Moderators

  • Jack O Maoileoin, Montgomery County Community College
  • James Lewis, Legislative Assistant at Pennsylvania House of Representatives
  • Hamer Rodriguez, Works at Philly Dog School
  • BuxMont Democratic Socialists of America


January 2018 General Meeting


January General Meeting, Public · Hosted by BuxMont DSA

Thursday at 7 PM - 9 PM

Norristown Municipal Building, 235 E Airy St, Norristown, Pennsylvania 19401.[2]

Invited on Facebook