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Michael (Mike) Doyle is a Pennsylvania activist.

Philly DSA support


Resolution 7.18.10, Philadelphia Democratic Socialists of America July 26, 2018 General Meeting.

Support Mike Doyle’s Campaign

Authors: Austin Binns, Quinn Hansen, Jim Lewis.

Whereas, at its June 2017 Local Convention Philadelphia DSA approved an Electoral

Endorsement Criteria; and,

Whereas, the 2017 National DSA Convention voted to prioritize Democratic Socialist electoral efforts; and,

Whereas, the 2018 electoral cycle presents strategic opportunities for our Local to advance Democratic Socialist politics and program; and,

Whereas, Philly DSA has already begun a local campaign for Medicare for All; and,

Whereas, the 2018 Senate, Congressional, Gubernatorial, and State Legislature elections, in particular the May 15, 2017 Democratic Party primary, present strategic opportunities to advance the Democratic Socialist program and in particular Medicare for All; and,

Whereas, Mike Doyle’s answers to Philly DSA’s endorsement questionnaire demonstrate a commitment to advancing a legislative agenda in line with Philly DSA’s values;

Therefore be it resolved, that Philly DSA will support Mike Doyle’s campaign through canvassing, phone banking, and media outreach