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Banning from WBAI

by MIMI ROSENBERG 2/27/01;

On February 5, 2001, Interim General Manager Utrice Leid terminated my 32-year tenure as a producer at WBAI. For the last fifteen years I have co-produced Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report, the longest running, currently nationally-distributed program, covering the working class, from an anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-homophobic perspective. More recently, I produced In Brief a half hour segment on Wakeup Call covering issues of law and social justice. With my termination, the voice of an engaged journalist who sought to mobilize and empower workers disappears from the WBAI air waves and station. I did not just engage in programming but helped unionize WBAI and fought for paid and unpaid staff to remain in the collective bargaining unit. I serve as elected unpaid staff representative to the Local Advisory Board (LAB). Most recently, the LAB helped locate our current space, raised $200,000 and has been a counter force to the Pacifica Foundation National Board (National Board) for years. My legal skills have always been at the service of station personnel.
My removal from the air was attributed to my alleged actions on the morning of December 23, following the “Christmas Coup” in which Utrice Leid was summarily appointed Interim General Manager and my colleagues Bernard White and Sharan Harper were fired and Janis K. Bryant, Cerene Roberts, Eileen Sutton, Ursula Ruedenberg and Rachael Barr were soon to be banned from WBAI.[1]

Supporting Aristide

On April 7 2004 in the Whitman Theatre at Brooklyn College. A multinational crowd of 2,000, mainly people from Haiti and the English-speaking Caribbean, packed the hall to hear a program entitled "An Evening with Friends of Haiti: The Truth Behind the Haiti Coup."

A broad range of speakers and cultural performers ignited the stage for three-and-a-half hours to express heartfelt anti-imperialist solidarity with the besieged Caribbean country. Haiti has once again suffered a horrific atrocity with the U.S.-orchestrated kidnapping of its democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, on Feb. 29.

The rally was co-chaired by Kim Ives and Karine Jean-Pierre from Haiti Support Network (HSN), with Pat Chin and Sara Flounders from the Workers World Party controlled International Action Center.

Other speakers included Alina Sixto, Family Lavalas New York/Tri-State Area; Rep. Major Owens of Brooklyn; Mario Dupuy, Aristide's state secretary of communication; Don Rojas, Amy Goodman and Bernard White, WBAI-Pacifica Radio; Ray LaForest, Haitian labor organizer, District Council 1707; Brian Concannon, human-rights attorney; Brooklyn College student Starr Bernard; Serge Lilavois, Support Committee for PPN; Los Angeles anti-police brutality activist Michael Zinzun; Dominican activist Marc Torres; and Haitian performers Marguerite Laurent and Phantoms[2].

"New Cold War"


New York City: What’s driving the new ‘Cold War’? Will It escalate? Can we stop it?

Teach-In: Saturday, May 10 2014 Riverside Church, Tower Room.

  • NATO expansion and encirclement of Russia & China
  • Why the U.S. wants a confrontation over Ukraine
  • ‘Asia Pivot,’ AFRICOM & the ‘War on Terror’
  • How Washington uses NGOs, fascist movements, mercenaries & drones to promote its agenda
  • Why our real enemy is Wall Street – not Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Korea …