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Pat Chin

Pat Chin a national committee member of Workers World Party and WW contributing editor, died on May 16, 2005, following a more-than-decade-long, heroic battle against breast cancer. She was 56 years old. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, her heritage also included a Chinese grandfather. Chin moved to Brooklyn, N.Y., in the early 1960s. Following the Stonewall Rebellion, she came out as a lesbian in the early 1970s and was a founding member of Salsa Soul Sisters, an organization of mainly Black, Latina and other lesbians of color.

Chin evolved as an anti-imperialist and internationalist, influenced by the Black and other national liberation struggles at home and abroad and the triumph of the Cuban socialist revolution. She traveled to Cuba several times, starting out as a member of the Venceremos Brigade.

The year following her first International Working Women’s Day event in 1986, she joined WWP. Never forgetting her Caribbean roots, this fearless Marxist fighter dedicated much of her party work to showing solidarity with the Haitian people’s fight for liberation against the remnants of French colonialism and U.S. neocolonialism.

Pat traveled to Haiti numerous times, starting in 1990, to meet with representatives of the Haitian mass organizations and the people. Pat also traveled to Yugoslavia in 2000 as part of a delegation to see firsthand the mass destruction caused by the U.S. bombing of that country the previous year. Pat served as an international judge on commissions to help expose U.S. crimes against the peoples of Haiti and Yugoslavia. She documented her travels to Haiti and Yugoslavia with articles and photographs in WW.

Pat was a principled communist who not only studied the works of Karl Marx, V.I. Lenin, Amilcar Cabral, Kwame Nkrumah, Walter Rodney, Fidel Castro, Sam Marcy and many other revolutionary leaders but also put this theory into practice when it came to the contemporary struggles of the workers and the oppressed fighting capitalism and imperialism. She was a worker, a unionist, an advocate for women’s liberation, a brilliant writer and self-taught photographer, whose unique personality always lit up a room. She lived life to the fullest, including constantly sharing with others her love for the culture of the Caribbean peoples, whether it was with food or the arts.[1]

Supporting Aristide

On April 7 2004 in the Whitman Theatre at Brooklyn College. A multinational crowd of 2,000, mainly people from Haiti and the English-speaking Caribbean, packed the hall to hear a program entitled "An Evening with Friends of Haiti: The Truth Behind the Haiti Coup."

A broad range of speakers and cultural performers ignited the stage for three-and-a-half hours to express heartfelt anti-imperialist solidarity with the besieged Caribbean country. Haiti has once again suffered a horrific atrocity with the U.S.-orchestrated kidnapping of its democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, on Feb. 29.

The rally was co-chaired by Kim Ives and Karine Jean-Pierre from Haiti Support Network (HSN), with Pat Chin and Sara Flounders from the Workers World Party controlled International Action Center.

Other speakers included Alina Sixto, Family Lavalas New York/Tri-State Area; Rep. Major Owens of Brooklyn; Mario Dupuy, Aristide's state secretary of communication; Don Rojas, Amy Goodman and Bernard White, WBAI-Pacifica Radio; Ray LaForest, Haitian labor organizer, District Council 1707; Brian Concannon, human-rights attorney; Brooklyn College student Starr Bernard; Serge Lilavois, Support Committee for PPN; Los Angeles anti-police brutality activist Michael Zinzun; Dominican activist Marc Torres; and Haitian performers Marguerite Laurent and Phantoms[2].

Memorial for Pat Chin

Close to 200 people gathered at the Lang Center in New York June 25 to remember Workers World Contributing Editor Pat Chin, who died of breast cancer May 16. The meeting, billed as a celebration of her life, featured talks, performances, photo and literature displays and a videotape, all paying tribute to this remark able revolutionary and her contributions to the struggle for socialism.

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Haiti’s National People’s Party Secretary General Ben Dupuy, Korea Truth Commission leader Yoomi Jeong, anti-death-penalty lawyer Joan Gibbs, and Yugoslav anti-imperialist writer Nadja Tesich addressed the gathering. A long lineup of Workers World Party members also paid tribute[3].


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