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Faizan Syed on Bassem Masri on Facebook Feb 25 2019

The late Bassem Masri was an anti-police agitator and HAMAS sympathizer who became known during the time of the Ferguson riots of 2014 for his live-streaming taunting police officers.

Bassem Masri was a self-proclaimed former heroin addict[1],[2] who claims to have worked with the Department of Justice on "Police Reform".[3],[4]


Bassem Masri was born an raised in St. Louis, Missouri.[5] He was the son of Zuhdi Masri.

CAIR Honors Bassem Masri; Linda Sarsour Endorsed Jamilah Nasheed

Excerpts of CAIR - Missouri banquet March 2019

From Omar Lee, discussing a CAIR - Missouri banquet[6] in March 2019:

"Last night I attended the annual CAIR - Missouri banquet. Executive Director Faizan Syed gave the yearly update on the efforts the organization has been involved in combatting anti-Muslim bias in the St Louis region. Keynote speaker and internationally-known activist Sister Linda Sarsour gave a powerful speech calling on local Muslims to stand for justice."
"Palestinian-American and St Louis activist Bassem Masri was posthumously awarded by CAIR for his lifetime of activism. Zuhdi Masri accepted the award for his son and Imam Djilali Kacem offered remarks.
"After the event Linda Sarsour took to the mic once again to strongly and passionately endorse State Senator Jamilah Nasheed for President of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen. Sarsour called on local Muslims to do their part to help Sen. Nasheed make history."

Untimely Death

Bassem Masri died at age 31 of an evident heart attack.[7] Faizan Syed appears to have been the first to report on Bassem Masri's untimely death on November 27 2019. Faizan Syed stated that Bassem Masri was his cousin through his wife's side of the family.[8]

"Bassem Masri son of Zuhdi Masri, Muslim Palestinian young man who stood for his beliefs and was on the front lines in Ferguson returned his soul to Allah (swt) today. He was my cousin from my wife's side of the family. A gentle man who was fierce when he faced injustice.
"In his short life he did as much if not more to unit the fight for black liberation and Palestinian liberation.
"We ask everyone to pray and make dua for Bassem and his family. May Allah accept his sacrifices for justice and overlook his flaws and mistakes.
"Tomorrow, after Dizhr, 1:30pm will be his Janaza at Dar-Al-Jalal Masjid.

Member of American Muslims for Palestine

Bassem Masri was a member of the Michigan chapter of American Muslims for Palestine.[9]

CAIR - Missouri honors Bassem Masri

Faizan Syed of CAIR honors the late Bassem Masri

The CAIR - Missouri branch of Council on American Islamic Relations gave a "lifetime achievement award" to the late Bassem Masri."[10] Faizan Syed posted a video on Facebook honoring Bassem Masri.[11],[12]

"We are honored to give our lifetime achievement award to Muslim Palestinian-American Ferguson Protester Bassem Masri for his heroic work connecting the struggle for Black liberation with Palestinian liberation.
Screenshot from CAIR annual dinner March 2019

Bassem Masri's father, Zuhdi Masri will recieve [sic] the award on his son's behalf at 'Faith Led, Justice Driven' CAIR - Missouri's 6th Annual Banquet."

According to a Facebook invitation,[13],[14] Linda Sarsour will also be a "special guest speaker." "Other awards will be given to Dr. Anjum Shariff former President of CAIR - Missouri and Ali Chaudhry former Board member of CAIR - Missouri."[15]

Meeting with Maria Chappelle-Nadal; Planned to Run for Office

Maria Chappelle Nadal Tweet

After his death, Maria Chappelle-Nadal tweeted[16] "This summer I invited @bassem_masri over to my house to chat about his interest in running for state representative. He was a very loyal friend & ally. He was my favorite freedom fighter in Ferguson."

Local Fox affiliate covers Bassem Masri

Local Fox affiliate covers Bassem Masri

See video on page.

Support for Hamas

One of Bassem's tweets supporting HAMAS

Bassem Masri repeatedly expressed his support for the terrorist organization, HAMAS.[17],[18],[19],[20],[21],[22]

CAIR-STL: Ferguson Panel Discussion

Ferguson Panel Discussion CAIR STLLast DateSunday, 29th March 2015 13:30

Join us for a panel discussion on the lessons from Ferguson told from activists, organizers, and citizen journalists who worked on the ground.

What: Ferguson Panel Discussion

Where: Iqra Library, 517 Wiedman Rd, Ballwin MO 63011

Panel Members:

  • Umar Lee: activist, free lance writer, and novelist.
  • Mustafa Abdullah: Muslims4Ferguson Co-Founder.
  • Bassem Masri: Citizen journalist and live streamer[23]

Solidarity Against Racism

Solidarity Against Racism, October 4, 2015;


Her name was #MiriamCarey . She drove to D.C. from Connecticut with her baby daughter.

A U-turn at a checkpoint led to her being killed by the Secret Service and the U.S. Capitol Police on Oct. 3, 2013 #Justice4MiriamCarey #BlackLivesMatter #ColoredLivesMatter #StopPOliceBrutality — with Rasheen Aldridge, Alicia Garza, Linda Beth Camberdella, Osagyefo Sekou, Harold Jamison, La Mesha Irizarry, Bassem Masri, Cat Brooks, Cephus Johnson, Justice for Miriam Carey and Valarie Carey.

Bassem Masri chants "Pigs in a Blanket" to police in NYC "Hours" after officers murdered

Bassem Masri taunts police hours after New York City police officers Rafael Ramos & Wenjian Liu were murdered

"Hours"[24] after the murder of New York City police officers Rafael Ramos & Wenjian Liu, Bassem Masri taunted[25] police in the city with the chant "Pigs in a Blanket." On December 21, 2014, Masri tweeted "The police have no1 2blame but themselves4the cops getting murdered inNY #Ferguson — Bassem Masri (@bassem_masri)"[26]

Bassem Masri taunts officers in Ferguson, claims to support "real men" HAMAS

Bassem Masri taunts police officers in Ferguson, praises HAMAS

Clip pulled from Bassem Masri's livestream where he praises HAMAS.[27]