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Back to Basics - A Conference on the future of the American left , was held October 9 - 11, 1998, Congress Hotel • Chicago, Illinois.

"Join in two days of discussion of issues and practice to develop a more relevant and larger role for the American Left as we approach the millennium.

BACK TO BASICS: Beyond the usual assumptions: Take a new look at issues such as equality and justice, electoral politics, citizen empowerment, the shape and role of the media. How can and should the left address these issues as we enter a new era?

BACK TO BASICS: Beyond the usual suspects: Hear from and engage a broad spectrum of leaders and thinkers from throughout the United States to share perspectives and help create a road map to the future."[1]


In These Times, co-sponsored by The Baffler, Democratic Left, Dissent, Mother Jones, The Nation, The Progressive, Toward Freedom.[2]



Public Plenary Session Sen. Paul Wellstone, Rep. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Quentin Young, Barbara Dudley, Master of Ceremonies: Jim Hightower

16 Working Panels


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