April Dempsey

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Template:TOCnestleft April Dempsey is an Outreach and Enrolment Coordinator at Monongahela Valley Association of Health Centers, Inc.- MVA Fairmont Clinic. From Morgantown, West Virginia. Engaged to Sean M. Cochran.


  • Studied Psychology at West Virginia University
  • Studied Psychology at Potomac State College of West Virginia University
  • Went to Keyser High School


  • Worked at R.D.V.I.C.
  • Former Case Manager/Service Coordinator at REM
  • Former Mental Health Service Coordinator at Valley Healthcare System


North Central West Virginia Democratic Socialists of America Regular Meeting 1/17/18, 7:00-8:00 Gene’s Beer Garden.


Attending Members: Jeff Ryan, April Dempsey, Joe Cernelli, Dylan Bartholomew, Sean Cochran, Cole Smith, Kelly Rose.[1]

NCWVDSA General Meeting 2/19/2019.

6:30-7:30 Morgantown Public Library Room B.


In Attendance: Sean Cochran, Clinton Gabbert, Elizabeth Alderman, Dylan Bartholomew, Jeff Ryan, Drew Bucy, Kelley Rose, Joe Cernelli, Adam Glenn, Gary DeLuke, April Dempsey, Heather Bartholomew, Cole Smith, Tim Ryan, William Fiore, Will Flynn, Jeremy Groghan, Sable Lawson, Kevin Zorn, Ash Bray.