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Template:TOCnestleft Gary DeLuke is a West Virginia labor activist.


NCWVDSA General Meeting 2/19/2019.

6:30-7:30 Morgantown Public Library Room B.


In Attendance: Sean Cochran, Clinton Gabbert, Elizabeth Alderman, Dylan Bartholomew, Jeff Ryan, Drew Bucy, Kelley Rose, Joe Cernelli, Adam Glenn, Gary DeLuke, April Dempsey, Heather Bartholomew, Cole Smith, Tim Ryan, William Fiore, Will Flynn, Jeremy Groghan, Sable Lawson, Kevin Zorn, Ash Bray.

Peace march

On Apr. 26 2015, Jackie Lavalle, joined a a peaceful march against the most violent instruments of war ever created by humanity: nuclear weapons. The demonstration was sponsored by Peace and Planet: Mobilization for a Nuclear-Free, Peaceful, Just & Sustainable World. She interviewed several people.

Nearly 8,000 thousand activists assembled at Union Squares Park's north side on Broadway at E 17th St. to listen to speakers and then marched up Third Ave. to the United Nations to deliver eight million signatures.

Brooks Kelly, who was balancing his young daughter on his shoulders as he marched with a delegation from the U.S. Peace Council said, "I'm here for my children and their future."

Diane Beeny from a New Jersey group called "The Hiroshima/Nagasaki Remembrance Committee." She was wearing a vintage t-shirt distributed at the June 12, 1982 event. "I have been active in the anti-nuclear movement a long time," she said with obvious pride, adding, "For a peaceful, just and sustainable world we also need to fight against racism and economic inequality."

As the marchers assembled for their parade to the United Nations I spotted Vinie Burrows, the award-winning Broadway actress and women's activist, helping her peace associates hold up a huge banner. Burrows, who has fought innumerable battles for social justice, said it was "wonderful to be in solidarity with our Japanese brothers and sisters demanding no more war, no more nuclear weapons which result in human catastrophe like Hiroshima and Nagasaki."

A UE worker, Gary DeLuke from Local 170 in West Virginia, felt very strongly about his presence at the march:

"I am here to connect with my fellow workers around the world-to find common ground with them-peace is important for working people because war means workers are fighting workers-war is very rarely in their interest."

Jarvis Tyner, New York District chair of the CPUSA was standing tall throughout the march, greeting demonstrators and observing the dynamics of this international outpouring for peace and against nuclear weapons. Tyner, who is originally from Philadelphia and is a former union activist for the Teamsters, has just completed a pamphlet, "Black Lives Matter." For copies:

He said: "The ultimate weapon of terrorism is nuclear weapons. The Obama administration is fighting nuclear terrorism by negotiating with Iran." He asked, "So, when are we-the United States-going to take the necessary steps to rid ourselves of nuclear weapons? How are you going to eliminate terrorism if we don't eliminate nuclear weapons?" [1]

Anti-nuke march

On Sunday, April 26, UE Young Activists and other UE members participated with thousands of other people in a march in New York City for a nuclear-free, just, and sustainable world. This year is the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. The United Nations holds a conference to review the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty every five years, since the treaty went into effect in 1970.

UE Young Activists who participated in these event were Gary DeLuke, Local 170; Kathleen Coonrod, Local 203; Ryan Macdonald, Local 234; Autumn Martinez, Local 255; Emma Paradis, Local 255; Naomi Grayck, Local 255; Cettina Costagliola, Local 255; Charity Dugener, Local 267; Lyndsey O’Day, national office administrative assistant; and Margo Nikitas, associate general counsel. Other UE participants were Director of Organization Bob Kingsley; Northeast Region President Peter Knowlton; General Executive Board Member Marie Lausch of Local 222; International Strategies Director Leah Fried; Field Organizer Chad McGinnis; and retired International Reps. Carol Lambiase and Leanna Noble.[2]