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Allison S. Davis


According to Timuel Black;

But until the courts struck down restrictive housing covenants in 1948, the blacks in Chicago were all very tightly packed together in their own enclaves, just as we had been in the South. For instance, Allison Davis, who was the first black full professor at the University of Chicago, couldn’t live in Hyde Park because they wouldn’t sell him a house.

Lawyers' Committee For Civil Rights Under Law

As at March 11, 1970, Allison Davis served on the Chicago based Lawyers' Committee For Civil Rights Under Law.[1]

Lawyers Committee for Harold Washington

In 1983 Allison Davis was an Executive Committee Member of the Lawyers Committee for Harold Washington for Mayor.[2]

Salute to Harold Washington

On April 6, 1983, the Hyde Park Herald published an endorsement from the Hyde Park/Kenwood Citizens Committee of Democratic Party Chicago mayoral candidate Harold Washington. Signatories to the endorsement included Allison Davis and Lois Davis.[3]

Friends of Alice Palmer

Mid 1990s Allison Davis was listed as a member of Friends of Alice Palmer (in formation), alongside Danny K Davis, Tony Rezko, Timuel Black and Barack Obama.[4]


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