Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference

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Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference

Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (or Hyde Park/Kenwood Citizens Committee) (HPKCC) is a progressive community coalition of members of the Hyde Park and Kenwood area of Chicago and was founded in 1949.

The organization concentrates on improving the community through its core mission points: Tenant/landlord relationships, school volunteers, safety, rights and justice, women's rights, medical Care and air and water pollution.[1]



Salute to Harold Washington

On April 6, 1983, the Hyde Park Herald published an endorsement from the Hyde Park/Kenwood Citizens Committee of Democratic Party Chicago mayoral candidate Harold Washington.[2]

60th Anniversary

HPKCC's 60th Anniversary kick off forum was held February 18, 2009.

Panelists included Gary Ossewaarde, James D. Withrow, Jay N. Ammerman, Lenora Austin, George W. Davis, Ted Fetters, Annika Frazier Muhammad, Allan Lindrup, Bart Schultz, and George W. Rumsey.[3]

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