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Tom Udall

Tom Udall is a Democratic member of the United States Senate, representing New Mexico.


Tom Udall was born to Stewart Udall and Lee Udall in Tucson, Arizona on May 18, 1948.

In 1970, Tom Udall began attending Prescott College in Arizona, where he earned his undergraduate degree. After receiving his Bachelor of Laws Degree from Cambridge University in 1975, Tom chose to make New Mexico his permanent home. He attended University of New Mexico Law School and graduated in 1977. Tom then served as a Law Clerk to Chief Justice Oliver Seth of the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals and became a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney's criminal division. As Chief Counsel to the New Mexico Department of Health and Environment.

Tom Udall is married to Jill Cooper and they have one grown daughter.[1]

NM Attorney General

In 1990, New Mexicans chose Tom Udall as their Attorney General. Elected with broad support, he made fighting DWI and domestic violence a priority and working with the Legislature, enacted tougher laws against offenders. He also worked to protect consumers, especially senior citizens, from rampant telemarketing and other forms of fraud. Additionally, Tom made ethics a trademark issue, increasing transparency in government and prosecuting corrupt politicians, even members of his own party. In 1994, Tom was elected to a second term as Attorney General.[2]


In 1998, Udall was elected to represent the 3rd Congressional District of New Mexico in the U.S. House of Representatives. In the House, Udall wrote and passed legislation to establish a national renewable electricity standard, which would spur the creation of good jobs, reinvigorate our economy, and reduce global warming emissions. He has been a champion of expanding preventive health care. He voted against the Iraq War and is a leading proponent for an accelerated transition in the Afghanistan War to an Afghan-led effort. Udall has also consistently championed tougher ethics laws both as Attorney General and in Congress, where he voted to create an independent commission to investigate corruption among members of Congress.[3]

Green Party endorsement

Abraham Gutmann, co-founder of the Green Party of New Mexico, endorsed Democrat Tom Udall to represent the 3rd District. He believed state Attorney General Udall basically adheres to a Green platform.[4]


A decade later, Tom Udall was elected and sworn in as New Mexico's junior senator. In the Senate, he serves on five committees: the Committee on Foreign Relations; the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation; the Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW); the Committee on Indian Affairs; and the Committee on Rules and Administration.

As a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Tom is charged with congressional oversight of U.S. operations and programs beyond our borders, aiming to keep America safe, promote democracy and foster international development and conservation. Tom's work on the Commerce Committee focuses on a variety of issues ranging from greater broadband deployment and consumer protection to encouraging innovation and promoting science, and oversight and expansion of the nation's communications infrastructure. In his role on EPW, Udall continues his work on energy and environmental issues. On the Indian Affairs Committee, he carries on his longtime mission of helping shape the unique matters concerning Native Americans, including economic development, trust responsibilities, land management, Indian education and health programs. Through the Rules Committee, Tom is working to reform government and Congress to "better work for the American people, not the special interests".[5]

Congressional Progressive Caucus

As of February 20 2009 Tom Udall was briefly listed as one of only two Senate members (with Bernie Sanders) of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.[6]

Planned Parenthood

Udall received $10,000 in lobbying funds from Planned Parenthood in 2008.

Supported by Council for a Livable World

The Council for a Livable World, founded in 1962 by long-time socialist activist and alleged Soviet agent, Leo Szilard, is a non-profit advocacy organization that seeks to "reduce the danger of nuclear weapons and increase national security", primarily through supporting progressive, congressional candidates who support their policies. The Council supported Tom Udall in his successful 2008 Senate run as candidate for New Mexico.[7] He has also been previously supported by the Council in his successful House of Representatives run as candidate for New Mexico.[8]

Council for a Livable World, 50th Anniversary

On June 6, 2012, Council for a Livable World, along with its sister organizations Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation and Council for a Livable World’s PeacePAC, celebrated the 50th Anniversary of their founding by Leo Szilard in 1962.

An evening celebration was held at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. Congressman Barney Frank acted as the Master of Ceremonies and, in the process, received a lifetime achievement award from former Rep. Tom Downey, a member of the Council’s Board of Directors. The Robert F. Drinan Peace and Human Award was presented to former Representative and PeacePAC Chairman David Bonior and the late Edith Wilkie, a longtime advocate and leader for peace and justice.

Six sitting Senators joined CLW in an afternoon national security forum in the U.S. Capitol to speak on the issues Council has been working on for 50 years. Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI), Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM), Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) and Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) all spoke eloquently on these pressing issues.[9]

Council for a Livable World has a long and close relationship with each of the Senators. They have all been leading advocates in the Senate for sensible national security policies, such as reducing the dangers posed by weapons of mass destruction, reigning in the bloated defense budget, and bringing an end to the War in Afghanistan.
Senator Udall discussed the war in Afghanistan and stated that the US has already achieved the goals for which it originally went to war and that what has transpired since is an example of mission creep. He made the case that in future conflicts we must more clearly define our objectives and a strategy for achieving them in order to prevent mission creep. Senator Udall also spoke about the importance of reforming the filibuster rule in the Senate, a rule that has hindered legislative progress.[10]

2014 endorsement

The Council wrote of Udall;

During his time in the U.S. Senate, Udall has stayed true to his principles and been an advocate of progressive policies, arms control and issues of war and peace. He has maintained a perfect 100% score on Council for a Livable World’s voting scorecard for his votes on the ratification of New START, the nuclear arms reduction treaty, Sen. Jeff Merkley’s (D-OR) amendment to accelerate troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and many others.
On the importance of New START, Senator Udall made the following statement:
“We cannot allow partisan politics to get in the way of one of our most crucial national security issues. The threat of loose nukes is real, and the existence of large unneeded stockpiles only increases the plausibility that nuclear weapons could fall in the hands of extremists.…I call on my Senate colleagues to put aside political posturing and ratify a treaty that takes necessary steps toward monitoring and reducing the most dangerous weapons on earth.”
In addition to Senator Udall’s excellent record on the issues Council for a Livable World works on, he has also shown his commitment to the progressive agenda across the board with votes to overturn Citizens United, to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, in favor of the DREAM Act , the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and many others.
Sen. Udall’s win in 2008 was a major victory for progressives across the country. Although he does not currently have a top tier Republican challenger, early support is necessary to show that Senator Udall has a strong base for his reelection effort. Senator Udall serves on the important committees on appropriations and foreign relations and it is critical that we keep this tested, trustworthy and effective Senator in office for another term.[11]

21st Century Democrats support

21st Century Democrats is a Political Action Committee that has stood for Progressive causes for over 20 years. Founded in 1986 by Institute for Policy Studies affiliate, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, Democratic Socialists of America affiliates, former Texas Agriculture Secretary Jim Hightower, and former Illinois Congressman Lane Evans. Its three main goals are to help elect progressive candidates, train young people about grassroots organizing, and lastly, to continue to support our elected officials after Election Day "through our comprehensive progressive network".

Long time Board chair was Democratic Socialists of America member Jim Scheibel, a former Mayor of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The mission of 21st Century Democrats is to build a "farm team" of progressive populists who will be the future leaders of the Democratic Party.

In each election cycle, we endorse a diverse array of candidates who exemplify our values and show unusual promise to advance our progressive goals. We invest in some of the most competitive races as well as in some of the most challenging – those in which the candidates are outstanding but the traditional Democratic supporters are most reticent. We back candidates in primaries as well as general election races, and we focus the bulk of our resources on electing challengers and protecting vulnerable incumbents.[12]

Udall was one of 71 key progressives endorsed by 21st Century Democrats in the 2008 election cycle, second round. [13]

The Wilderness Society

On April 29, 2010, The Wilderness Society held a celebration for the 50th anniversary of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Society's president, William H. Meadows joined Senators Tom Udall (D-NM) and Mark Udall (D-CO), together with Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) in addressing the event. Also speaking were Luci Beach, Tom Campion, Brian Moore, Evan Hirsche, Mary Beth Beetham and Debbie Sease.[14]

America's Future Now!

Tom Udall was one of the 148 speakers who addressed the 2010 America's Future Now Conference. The Conference was hosted by the Institute for Policy Studies, and Democratic Socialists of America dominated Campaign for America's Future, and held from June 7 - 9 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, 2500 Calvert Street, Washington D.C.[15][16]

Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice


The Albuquerque Center for Peace & Justice was part of an 8 member coalition of faith-based, veterans, labor and anti war activists who met with Senator Tom Udall's staff, September 5, 2013, saying No to Bombing Syria.

Thank you Senator Udall for your leadership and asking tough questions at yesterday's Congressional Hearing on using military force against Syria.

Those pictured include representatives from the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, the United Nations Association Albuquerque chapter, the ANSWER coalition, the Central Labor Council, Veterans for Peace, the Albuquerque Peace & Justice Center and an ordained pastor of the Mennonite church.


The following have worked as staff members for Tom Udall:[17]

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